Boo Bag! By I Want Candy!

You've been Booed!
It's Halloween time, and the moon is so bright.
It's time for some fun, and to share some Halloween fright.
You've been BOOed, now what do you do?
You pass on the BOO, to a neighbor or two.
We've added some tricks, we've added some treats.
Hope you enjoy the boo and some Halloween sweets.
By ALL Hallows Eve, it will become very clear.
We've all done our part in spreading the cheer.
Pass on the cheer, You will receive a coupon code in you package.
Choose from the 3 bags and crispy cake and we will do the rest: 
Bag includes:
*1 Bag
*You been booed postcard
*Crispy Cake
*Spooky Lip pops
*Sour Crystal tube
*Halloween handmade shape lollipop
*Halloween handmade ball style lollipop
*Ghoulish gum balls
*Candy Corn (pumpkin tube)
*10 chocolate crisp eye balls
*1/4lb gummy Halloween

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